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THE HUNT IS ON!!…… Big Buck Contest!!!

Back again this year we are having a contest and will refund 100{eb996126c625dae0a3bfc307149fc32ef68e5b2d740075c46c5239ed7fa9ffc8} of the winner’s entire paid amount of the winning deer! That’s right, processing and specialty meats! CONGRATULATIONS to our prior winners!

Here are the details. They are simple and straightforward.

  • Make sure to “Like” our FB page and share it with your friends so they can help increase your chance of winning.
  • When you drop off a deer let us know you want in the contest. You can enter a buck or doe.
  • We will take a picture of you and your deer and we will post it on our FB page. It is your responsibility before you leave to check the Facebook page and make sure the picture has posted.
  • You and other friends of the page will “Like” the picture and the picture with the most “Likes” by 11:59PM EST on February 7, 2022 WINS!
  • The winner is responsible for checking our FB page to see if their picture has the most “Likes” at the close of the contest and contacting us to arrange for their refund.
  • The refund has to be completed no later than 12:00PM EST on February 11, 2022 and the winner must be in person at our location no later than 12:00PM EST on February 11, 2022 and will be identified and confirmed they are the winner according to the individual in the winning picture.
  • We cannot and will not be responsible for any picture or post that is removed from the page for any reason. The winning picture must still be visible on the page by the close of the contest.
  • In the event of a tie, a coin flip will decide the winner at 12PM EST on February 10, 2022. If there are multiple potential winners tied, they will be entered into a bracket and advanced by winning a coin flip until one winner is left. Potential winners do not need to be present for the coin flip.

We hope everyone enjoys the contest and that it goes as well as it did in prior years! However, we do reserve the right to end or withdraw the contest for any reason. We also reserve the right to make the final decision in any discrepancies during the contest.